Affordable Legal Documents online

My studies as a paralegal equipped me with the skills needed to act as a legal document preparer.  

Legal document assistant is my title and I have helped over 500 people get the documents they need at an affordable price. Within this page, I  switch out documents weekly to show the variety of the content I can do. Below are some legal documents examples for you to check out. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me to have your questions answered and needs to be met.

Roommate Agreement

This contract is a roommate

agreement. Many people make the wrong move by putting friends and businesses in the same faction. Never mix business with friends together. You can meet someone, become best friends with them, get a place together and they back out on you leaving you with a rent you can't pay by yourself. Always protect yourself legally when doing any type of business.

Divorce Settlement I made for a client. Based on Tennessee County

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