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You will never get a second chance to make a first impression; it is important to get it right the first with an impressive resume and cover letter. 

This is an opportunity to stand out from the crowd, make the right first impression and maximize your chances of reaching the top 5% of the candidate list.

Investing smartly in your resume gives you a competitive advantage and sets you up for success in your job search.

What you get:
An achievement-based resume that gets you interviews
A compelling resume was written by a professional resume writer
Visually appealing resume with industry-specific keywords -  that will get you noticed by both ATS software and human reviewers
Privacy - Your information will never be shared with anyone

Overhaul Entry Level Resume: Intro, Accomplishment Driven Content, ATS Optimization + Cover Letter
Overhaul Entry Level Resume: Intro, Accomplishment Driven Content, ATS Optimization
Create an Entry Level Resume, Cover Letter, and LinkedIn Overhaul + Interview Guide + Recruiter Tips



I am a Paralegal  based Virginia, who has experience drafting, editing, negotiating and reviewing agreements, contracts and other legal documents in the following fields:

- contractual law

- family law

- corporate law

- business

- intellectual-property

- landlord and tenant disputes

- litigation

- environmental law

- etc.

Basic Agreement (1-2 pages)


Please contact me prior to placing an order. Thank you.

3 Days Delivery


Standard Agreement (3-5 pages)


Please contact me prior to placing an order. Thank you.


Elaborate Agreement (6 pages +)


Please contact me prior to placing an order. Thank you.


SEO characteristics (if solicited):

  • Use of H1, H2, and H3 titles.

  • High-quality provided.

  • Free plagiarism check

  • 1 free revision

  • Free professional formatting

  • Easy readability.

  • 100% original content

  • 100% client-centered


Prices per word count:

  •  450 words =  $15

  •  750 words =  $20

  • 1000 words = $25

Before you place several orders, please inbox me to discuss availability and delivery time. 

Bitcoins, technical, or juristic content are topics I do not write about!


Starter Pack


100 words – a brilliant intro, a fabulous conclusion, or any other compelling segment of an article.

7 Days Delivery1



  • Up to 1 Focus Word

  • Topic Research

  • References & Citations

Number of words 100


Blogger Pack (Bestseller)


400-word, SEO-optimized Social Media Booster Blog Article. References and Keyword Research included

7 Days Delivery2



  • Up to 4 Focus Words

  • Topic Research

  • References & Citations

Number of words- 400


Business Pro (A Must-Try)


800-Word Business Article – Attractive Headlines, References, Stock Image, Meta Title & Description

6 Days Delivery2



  • Up to 6 Focus Words

  • Topic Research

  • References & Citations

Number of words- 800

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1. I will use my education in marketing and expertise in graphic design along with writing and make a visually enticing page for people to see why they should fund your project.

2 I can create flyers- brochures - business cards for you to email or print and handout in different places that will expand your audience. Also since you have a good number of an email list I can make you an email campaign 

3. I can make digital ads to help market your proposal in a visually speaking way

4. lastly, I will make you a landing page. Landing pages are crucial in any market because they demand a call to action. They are the best at lead generation. No passive language about it. Friendly but professionally engaging.  
So opposed to just one avenue I can create several ways to help you raise your money.

we will have to discuss the budget but I am willing to work with you, just have to speak with you to find out the best avenue to take.

Turnaround time can range from 5- hours to 24. The speed of delivery is optional.

Do you know what a story is? 


I know, it seems obvious to you right now, but give it an extra thought. If someone on the street were to ask you what a story was, what would you answer? What definition would you give?


I could give you a technical definition, that a story is a temporally interlocking set of clauses.

Or a historical one, that storytelling is the main way humans have passed on information for over 100.000s of years, from long before the appearance of writing.


Often when someone offers to write or tell your story, what they come up with is in fact not a story at all, but a paraphrasing of facts you have provided about your product, company, etc., added some keywords to get traffic from search engines. 


When told right, a story activates a range of emotions in us that causes us to identify with it, memorize the details and respond to it. It takes us in, grabs our attention, and holds unto it. 


If you want someone to help you tell the story about your company, your product or your cause. Then let's talk!


Turnaround time can range from 5- hours to 24. The speed of delivery is optional.


I will design high impact, attractive, engaging and communicative pitch presentations creating a completely new file or optimizing an existing one. I guarantee the insertion of eye-catching charts & graphs, as well as provided or approved stock photos.

I can assist you with the following: 
- Startup or business pitch deck 
- Presentations design 
- Project Proposal
- Brand Presentation
- Listing Presentation
- Data visualization in the form of charts, graphs, and infographics

Deliverable: Editable PPT +  PDF 

EXTRA FAST DELIVERY also available in 24H 
Please contact me if you need your deck designed ASAP.

Please feel free to contact me regarding any questions of the services included, or custom orders!

*Please note that my bid here offers the DESIGN only. You will need to provide me with all content (copy) or we can discuss what may need a ghostwriting
Links to presentations I have created previously.

10 slides existing ppt redesign (Market research not included)

$450 for a 
15 slides existing ppt redesign (Market research not included) 

UP TO 25 slides from the business plan or given content in any format (market research included)



15 reasons why you should hire me to create your business plan.


My plans include the following


1.Profit and loss projection up to 5 years


2.Cash flow statement up to 5 years


3.Balance sheet up to 5 years


4.Break-Even Analysis


5.Profit & loss statement monthly forecast


6.Cash flow statement monthly


7.Business Ratios


8.Executive Summary


9.Company Description


10.Industry & Competitors' Analysis


11.SWOT Analysis


12.Tailored Marketing Plan


13.Financial Forecast


14.Customer Analysis


15.Review & Critique


Message me so we can get started.

Turnaround time is 24 hours or less


I will write a paragraph (or many) for any purpose. You name it and I have experience writing in – any industry, any style, any format.


Suggested uses:

 - User content on a new website

 - Advertising copy

 - Elevator pitch

 - Business plan

 - Press release

 - Prepared remarks

 - Romantic note

 - Form letter



I can be formal, or I can be totally informal. Whatever you need, I can get it done right for you the first time. You will get a thoughtful piece of writing that will stand out in any setting. Good writing is writing that seems to sing in your ears and then nuzzle into your chest – writing that you can feel. I know how to create writing that flows, that makes an impact, and that jumps off the page. You will be happy with the product.


Ready to get to work or need to chat about a custom order? Contact me!


This covers a title, tagline, and 500 words.


This covers a title, tagline, 1,000 words, and focus on 3 SEO keywords. -$130.00



This covers a title, tagline, 2,000 words, and focus on 5 SEO keywords.


Professional Advertising, Sales and Marketing Writer

Whether you're selling by online storefront, a brick-and-mortar building, or out of an apple cart, the key to growth and sustained success is connecting with customers and setting yourself apart from the competition. 


As an award-winning marketing writer, I know firsthand what it means to connect, engage and retain customers through carefully crafted words. Let my time as a Director for a Fortune 500 real estate company and a senior marketing writer for an international crafts company help you reach and inspire your audience.  


I write content for the following areas:

  • Social Media Ads

  • Sales and Advertising

  • Flyers, Brochures, and Media

  • Web Sites and About Us Pages

  • Video and Audio Scripts ($65 per minute)

  • Emails and Letters






  • Professionally-trained international marketing writer

  • Influencer of more than $500 million in sales

  • Published author and Univ. of Missouri graduate

  • 12 years of experience in communication, promotion, sales, and advertising



  • Proper English and grammar

  • Unique copy and consistent messaging

  • Project collaboration




Ideal for Single Emails, Short Website Pages, Flyers, Letters, or Google and Facebook Ads

Number of words - 225

Mid-Level Content


Ideal for Long Emails, About Us Pages, Website Pages, Short Packaging, and Opt-In Pages

4 Days Delivery1



  • Up to 2 Focus Words

  • Competitor Research

Number of words- 350


Ideal for Strong Product/Services Sales Pages, SEO Web Pages, or Professional Business Content

5 Days Delivery2



  • Up to 4 Focus Words

  • Competitor Research

Number of words- 500

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